Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just hanging out.

I got my kids back on Saturday.  I didn't realize how much I missed them until they got off the bus.  The first couple of days were like a dream; everyone smiling and lovey and lots of hugs and kisses. It didn't last (it never does). Right now, though, the Hurricane is yelling and jumping on the couch. The Princess is crying because the Hurricane pushed her.  Little Dude is crying because he was running in the house.  With his shoes on.  And fell on his face. And now? The Hurricane and the Princess are fighting over which CD they want to listen to. 

It's like they never left.

Surely I am not the only one who thinks kicking them outside and locking the door is a grand idea, right?


Roller derby is kicking my ass.  My legs and butt and abs are SORE the morning after practice.  I am really enjoying it, though, and I am even (slowly) getting better at it!


I'm still depressed that a certain person, let's call him Warm Stuff, killed my tomato plant by over-watering it.  I'm trying to get through my sadness by looking on the bright side: it's a good excuse to buy a Topsy Turvy.  My lettuces and carrots are coming up gangbusters.  Cukes, radishes, and herbs? Nowhere to be seen.  I am blaming this one on birds, mostly because I can't stand birds and think they are filthy, germy creatures.


Because I am kind of a jelly-heart (don't tell no one), I have acquired another dog.  See, what happened was, a very good friend of mine moved out of the province and couldn't take her dogs with her.  She found a home for one, and asked me to take the other to the SPCA because she just couldn't bring herself to do it.  Turns out, neither can I.  So now, we have two dogs.

And that, is summer so far.


  1. You're good. You're so good. And yeah, they're all sweet when they return, and if you get a couple of good days out of it after - you're doing great! (I used to get one, maybe...)

    At the moment, I miss the sleeping teen bodies all over my teeny-tiny-Lilliputian house, those gangly limbs and scruffy faces of adolescene dwarfing the surroundings, and clanging about with their assorted noisy devices.

    Quiet house, quiet mind? Nope. (Maybe I need to take up roller derby??? Or growing veggies?)

  2. Oooh, roller derby. That'll put you back into shape!

  3. You should know by now dear sister, that your children are great actors..a few really nice days and then their real selves emerge. Good thing they are so damn cute!!

  4. My lettuce and carrots are going crazy too! Cucumbers, onions and cauliflower, not so much... I'm not going to have a very well balanced salad at the end of the summer.... As for the kids, well yeah, isn't that how it always is? Just when you thought you missed them.....

  5. Theoretically I should be overrun with huge fabulous tomatoes, but my plants are feeble and make maybe one a week. A small one, not even enough for a decent sandwich. The cuke plants are glorious, all over the place and up a fence and blooming like mad. Only, they're all male. No cukes. none. just vigorous and blooming. I am sure there is a feminist joke in there somewhere. I do, however, have jalapenos out the nose.

    As for the kids...isn't the screaming and fighting and nonsense why you missed them? No? Then it's why you started doing roller derby, so you can elbow people in a culturally sanctioned way.


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