Monday, October 1, 2012

I gave up rather quickly.

"Hey Princess, it's going to be your birthday soon, we should talk about birthday st-"

"Omigosh!! Okay, I totally want a night sky, can you paint a night sky, like in the My Mum Goes to Work book, with stars and a sun, okay? Oh! No I don't want a sun, because it's nighttime, jee-eez.  Can I have stars? Can you paint them? Oh! And a moon, can I have a moon?"

I don't see that happening.

"Well, okay, maybe we could have some stars for decoration.  Would you like to do something special for your birthday?"

"I want to have a party here, that would be fun. Can Peppy and Coe come?"

"No, sweetie, they're back in Canada."

"Well, can I have my birthday in Canada?"

"No, it's way too far away."

"Well, who will come to my birthday, then? I don't have any friends here."

Felt that one right in the feelers.

"We'll invite our new friends, honey.  All the kids that we were playing with this weekend can come.  What kind of cake do you want?"

"Oh! I know! I want a Hello Kitty cake, with four rings, like rings for kids on it."

Yessss, Hello Kitty is super easy..

"No! Wait! I know! I want a Barbie Cake! With a unicorn on it!"

"But you love Hello Kitty.  Don't you want a Hello Kitty cake instead?"

"Um, no.  I want Barbie.  And a unicorn!"

Barbie. Ugh. I hate Barbie. And unicorns? So 2011.

"Ooooookaay, Barbie and a unicorn it is!"

Can't help it. The kid's a doll. She makes you love her.

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  1. She really is a doll and how can you not love her?


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