Sunday, February 14, 2010

How ARE you?! I have missed you SO MUCH!

So the last post may have given you the impression that I am bitter and angry about life these days.  That's actually pretty far from the truth.  2010 has been really awesome so far.  I went back to work. I got rid of the old, disgusting carpet and put new laminate flooring in the living room.

Things I Learned While Installing Laminate Flooring:

-carpet and underlay is really easy to roll up together and the more you roll, the heavier it becomes,
-I am not as strong as I thought I was,
-banana knives are really sharp,
-my knees cannot tolerate pulling carpet staples for more than 10 minutes at a time,
-MOST IMPORTANTLY: when you roll underlay over a sizable hole in the floor (oh, lets say.. the size of an old intake vent about 12" x 14"), do not tell yourself that you will cut the underlay from over the hole later when you get to it. Inevitably, you will step where the hole is covered, thus putting your foot through the underlay and then through the old sheetrock that someone nailed up to close the hole, and then you will smash your thigh against the subfloor and give yourself a giant, puffy, multi-hued bruise above your knee and have pain for days.

It's the little things, you know?

So anyways, back to the List of Really Great Things That Have Happened In 2010. Where was I? Work. Check. Flooring. Check. Ah, yes. My BFF Trish came to visit for five whole days, and her and her kids stayed with me and mine. We had a blast. My stomach hurt from laughing every day. I love me some Trish. And? My SIL (you know the one) and I mended fences. I got the apology I needed. I got an explanation for the way she was behaving. Things are okay between us. Funny enough, something she said is sticking in my mind, "After everything we said to each other back then, there's nothing we can't say to each other now." Wouldn't you know it, it's true. I don't keep my opinions quiet around her anymore for fear of setting her off; I just give it to her straight. Things are still in very early stages, but I sense a change in her.  I don't know for sure, so we wait. And we see.

So even though I have a husband who is doing his own thing on Valentine's Day and I have only my period and my pinkeye to keep me company, I am doing really amazing, thanks. And you?


  1. Love laminate flooring. We did the whole downstairs with it. It's the easiest thing in the world to keep clean and looks nice too.

    God's Joke: you're not the only one to have her period on Valentines. Terry got me a pack of gum and watched the Daytona 500 all day. Just as well, I wasn't feeling the love anyway.

  2. You know, I think there really is something to what your SIL said about openness following conflict. I am notoriously conflict-averse and often bottle up my opinions, but there is something liberating after those rare occasions when I do speak my mind.

    As for my Valentine's Day, Husband was out-of-town so I sat on the couch yesterday evening eating cookies and crying over sappy Olympic stories.

  3. Sometimes it's your period who knows you best, anyway. And isn't that the kind of company you want on Valentines Day, anyway?

  4. Glad there are some positive things going on! Hopefully the SIL will continue to be nice. :)

  5. Well, at least some things are going for you. Sure you could do without the pink eye, but you've got nice floor and are working so that's a giant plus in the Happy Category.

    Sorry your husband was MIA on V-Day.

  6. Awesome that things with your SIL are getting better.

    Sucks that your husband was MIA on Valentines Day! Keep smiling!

  7. Glad you are having progress with the SIL. And holy ouch on stepping through the underlay!!

  8. PS: My word was 'fullimia', which sounds like some sort of eating disorder. But it would have to be the opposite of 'bulimia', and what could that possibly be?


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