Saturday, February 20, 2010

I Blame The Kids..

..for causing me to treat my bathroom like a public toilet; making sure there is 100% T.P. coverage of the toilet seat, using my shoe to flush, and for godssake, don't touch the faucets.

..for individually and together breaking about 90% of the "nice stuff" and/or shit that isn't nailed down.

..for touching the remaining 10% of stuff not nailed down and moving it, and then promptly forgetting where they put it.

..causing me to speak these words, "Hello, Poison Control? Yes. How much bug dope can a child ingest before we need to go to the hospital?"

..for the state of my vehicle. Yes, it may appear to be an SUV from the outside; from the inside it looks like a flop house for hobos.

..for killing the battery in the digital camera (the one they are not allowed to touch), usually just hours before I am going to want to use it.


  1. I blame mine too. For the same crap.


  2. Kids. They are such a joy aren't they? Bawahahahaha

  3. I think your kids have been getting to my camera, too 'cause damnit, that always happens to me.

  4. Awesome!!! You can send them to me anytime!! I don't have much around here for them to break!

  5. Holy public freaking toilet, I hear you soul sister!!! Gah! I mean really, the kids are a little over the top, right? Ruining every little piece of the house and what's left of my sanity to boot?

    Me and you on an island under the sun sipping Pina Coladas and that guilt part of the brain removed? Purrrrrrfect.

  6. I've spent my morning / afternoon surfing blogs, and stumbled upon yours. Love it!!! I see you have a weight loss blog, too. I am also trying to lose weight and get healthy, though I just integrate that all into my regular blog. Anyway, Good luck, I'm gonna follow you :)


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