Friday, April 23, 2010

Grateful (but not Dead) (almost, though.)

I went for a run tonight. (Insert shout-out to Sarah because her mantra of "You can do it. You can do it. You can do it." runs through my mind when I feel like No Way Can I DO THIS. And FYI, you guys, I wear my shirt alla time when I run. It's my running shirt.)

At first, I was hating it. Hating the run, hating the pain, hating the feel of my butt fat bouncing up and down. Then my inner voice was like, "Hey, dumbass. Be grateful you can run."

So I am.

I am grateful I can run.  I am grateful for the good shoes I run in and the road I run on.  I am grateful for the fresh air and the blue sky. I am grateful for the time and space to do something healthy for myself. I am grateful for the music on my MP3 player.

I was most grateful when I hit that halfway point and turned back for home.


  1. Did you feel better for it? It's quite warm here in England today so I'm thinking that I may drag my ever growing backside out for a run! x

  2. Good for you. They tell me you get to a place where you actually look forward to doing it. I wouldn't know. I look forward to cooking dinner, tho. So, you keep doing it and I will cheer you on, because I really DO think it's a grand thing! I'd do it but it's going to be too hot soon and I don't want to,y'know, get used to it just to have to stop.

  3. Oh the halfway point. There's nothing like it. If only days with children were like that. As in, hey, it's 1:00, we're halfway there, the hard part's over. Yeah, right. More like, ARGH, it's 4:00. The WITCHING HOUR. HOW many more hours until bedtime???

  4. Yay, good for you! I have been walking. Well, maybe I should say that my dog has been walking me. We go fast. I might as well be jogging.

  5. i too started looking at working out like this. i had to stop feeling sorry for myself and be happy i was able to do this. i'm the goddess of excuses, but i realized people in wheelchairs or with debilitating illnesses don't let shit get in their way. what's wrong with me. you go girl!


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