Monday, March 30, 2009

My therapist said I should start a journal.

Well, aren't I the one? Figured out this whole blogging thing all by myself. Don't be shy with the golf clap. So much to say. So really, I did have a therapist, but only for a short time. My mother passed away (the "Big C") last year and I needed to have some grief counselling. She (the therapist) recommended I start journalling. Of course, like 99.9% of the world, I pshaw'd quality advice and didn't do anything about it until now. Of course, I have to give most of the credit to MckMama (and if I ever find out how to link to her page, I will). Her blog is just her life, day to day. The last week or so for her and her family has been rough (World's Biggest Understatement) and my heart goes out to the MckFamily. Anyways, I thought to myself, 'Self, what a great way to remember your life at this time. Write things down on the internet for total strangers to read.' So here I am.

Facts about me:
  • Mostly happily married
  • Mother of 3 precious kids: The Hurricane (aka The Hellraiser, depending on his mood), aged 4; The Princess (aka Princess Pissypants), aged 17 months; and Mr. Mellow, aged 4.5 months. I love them with every fibre.
  • Licensed Practical Nurse, although you wouldn't know it as I have been popping out kids like a Pez dispenser for the last 4 years (currently a stay at home mom)

Stellar qualities:

  • Brutally honest
  • Fairly tactless
  • Inappropriate laugher
  • Ability to make a complete jackass of myself with no prior rehearsing needed
  • Pottymouth, at times.

There are tons more qualities, too numerous to list.


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