Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The End is Near

Well that certainly sounds ominous. Really, it's not. D has moved her moving date because she unexpectedly got the day off tomorrow so we will be moving stuff into her house. A part of me is glad I will soon have my house back, and another part of me is going to miss having D and the kids around. I will especially miss times, like tonight, where all of us big girls get the giggles. Somehow our conversation about the tooth fairy devolved into serious hilarity about fradulent claims of tooth loss in order to get more money from the tooth fairy and other such twelve-teen year old funniness.

My girlfriend R stopped over today for lunch and brought her 3 year old son and 8 month old twins. Yes, I said twins. We had babies from one end of the room to the other. We stacked 'em like cordwood. It was like baby UFC (Diaperweight, of course) in my livingroom. R said that I looked 'tired'. She is a very kind and generous person.

Hot Stuff got a call from my brother today. My brother was quite upset, according to my darling hub, because my brother has not worked for quite some time now. The oil and gas industry, where my hus and my brother both work, has been dead for the last 10 months and very many of us who rely on the oil and gas industry are financially hurting. Although I feel bad that my brother is feeling bad, I cannot help (and this is very petty of me, as it is absolutely none of my business) wondering why the hell they recently took a trip to Seattle and stopped over on Vancouver Island to see family for a couple of weeks. In a judgey way, I privately think they live beyond their means. Then I feel bad for being so judgey. But then I still feel a bit judgey. Then I feel hypocritical because we are taking a trip to the BC interior next week and we can afford it, but kind of sort of not really. It's not the actual cost of the trip (we will be driving down and staying with family who will feed us), more so the cost of Hot Stuff not working for a week. I am able to justify this to myself with the excuse of, our kids need to see their grandparents. So, in conclusion, I am judgey, hypocritical, and able to justify my wants with any flimsy excuse I can. Huh. I really am human. Pfft. Sucks. So much for my delusions of grandeur and omnipotence.


  1. I have a bad tendency to read things too quickly and I was all "how can you have grandeur and impotence at the same time? And I thought you were a chick anyway? And, can chicks really be impotent? I thought they'd be more 'frigid' And...ohhhh"

    You need to not think of these crazy things so much and just take the trip and not fret about the brother... I'll let you know how the whole "not thinking of things too much" thing works when I can figure it out. Hahaha! (I think I just hurt something with that.)

    Also? When I was pregnant with my third, people asked me when we were moving or where we were going to put them all (we've got "just" 3 bedrooms) and I said "we're just going to stack 'em like cordwood!" I love that expression. Got me a whole lot of nervous laughter in return! :-)

    Enjoy the trip. I think we may be embarking on a whirlwind one out west early August. Mmmm... Three kids in a car for 14 hours... Yay!

  2. Oh gosh, I am the EXACT SAME way. I judge, tell myself not to judge, then turn around and do the same thing I was judging in the first place. Life. Humpfh.

  3. Don't beat yourself up because I secretly suspect that a lot more people are exactly the same way, me included! Have a great time on your trip!


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