Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

I did not totally cheer out loud in the grocery store when it was 15% Tuesday and I, armed with my inherent stinginess, coupons and Save-On-More card, saved a grand total of $77.34. How uncouth that would be. My triumphant and lengthy self-congratulation session (jeez, that sounds kind of dirty) definitely did not make me late for dropping D off for a freaking job interview (nothing says, 'I want to work for you!' more than being late even before you get hired. Except maybe giving the interviewer the following excuse, 'Sorry I'm late, it's not my fault. My ride was late.' Go me.). When we got home from shopping and job interviewing, I did not completely forget Little Dude in his carseat until he cooed at me when I was unloading the very last two bags of groceries. That would be negligent parenting.

I did not spend a good part of Wednesday yelling at the Hurricane to: stop running in the house, stop yelling in the house, stop acting like a maniac, sit down, don't hurdle over the babies, leave your sister alone, quit bugging the big kids, go outside and play, get inside out of the rain, go to your room, get out of my room, shut off the TV, don't touch the radio, turn the radio back on, turn the damn radio down, holy crap you are making me freaking insane and I am about to lose my mind so you'd better knock off the crap before I go postal and your backside gets a smack. None of that was said in either a loud or exasperated voice, as I am a calm and peaceful parent. My children do not require me to speak in a loud voice that others would deem yelling, especially as we are a family of 10 right now.

I did not eat two cinnamon buns and a chocolate cupcake after lunch on Wednesday. I have oodles of self control.

I did not bake some bread today and put it in the oven to rise. I did not completely forget about the bread and turn the oven on to pre-heat. With the bread still inside. Fortunately, no bread was injured in the making of that mistake.

Strangely enough, nobody in our family of 10 has been maimed or died because of bad attitude and had their body buried in the backyard injured. Yet. D has found a house to move into next weekend-ish. I think all the kids are pretty happy because they are seriously making each other crazy. The little kids are annoying the big kids, the big kids are annoying the adults, and the babies are wailing and annoying everyone.

Siiiiggghhh. I'm gonna miss this.

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  1. Wow- that is a huge savings with the coupons! And I'm not sure why your day with Hurricane sounds so familiar- I must have seen it on TV or something because that would NEVER happen in my house.


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