Thursday, March 4, 2010


ZOMG, somebody stop my inner twelve-teen year old from Freaking the Fark Out before I go completely Nuclear and my head explodes.


My sister has outed me on Facebook with the following:

Meg* "wishes her sister wasn't so damn busy...she needs to keep writing her blogs...they are so freakin' funny and lets face it, I need a really good laugh (among other things..LOL)"

HI FAMILY AND FRIENDS.  I'm just as obnoxious here as I am in real life. Happy reading.

*I tried to link up her blog with her name, but it appears that she has taken her blog down.  Skank.

I am going to drown my sorrows with some Brownies Plus.**

**You don't want to know what the "Plus" is.***

***Yes you do. It's chocolate bars. Yes, brownies with the chocolate bars built right in.  Never again will I be forced to make that second trip to the kitchen to get a chocolate bar with which to wash my brownies down.  Homemade convenience food. How awesome is that?

Way more awesome than your Dad potentially reading your blog. (Did I forget to say thanks for that, Meg?  And by thanks I mean, "The Opposite Of Thanks, But Way Harsher.")

Just sayin'. (Skank.)


  1. *eep!*

    My brother reads both my facebook and blog, but we have a deep commitment to making sure Mom thinks both FB and blog will cause irreversable hacker attacks/viruses that will wipe out her existance and steal her identity, sell her information to Nigerians and give her shingles, so I'm not worried.

  2. I'm pretty sure no one in my family reads my blog.

    And mmmmmmmm, brownies....

  3. I only found out yesterday that my Mum has been secretly reading my Blog so I now need to stop talking about her!!! Brownies are one of my favourite food groups ;-)

  4. Brownie with chocolate? OMG. Spill.

    What's the recipe? Or is it as simple as something like this?

    - Slice brownie.
    - Insert chocolate bar of your choice.
    - Reassemble like sandwich.
    - Consume with gusto.
    - Repeat.

    If it's more complex (or elegant), please put up the recipe. Or send TKW to do it with her incomparable culinary finesse.

    As for being outted, sorry.
    That sucks.
    However, I recently discovered that one of my teens occasionally looks at my blog.
    Fortunately (?) he deemed it "for old people" and therefore not terribly interesting.

    Gee. Who knew I could write for "old people?"


  5. OH NO. Sucks when the blog takes a turn toward reality, doesn't it? I am still ALL KINDS OF IFFY about talking about my blog with even my closest friends. WHAT IS THAT?

    And yet I will ask my fellow bloggers for advice, spill bits about my love life, write for public when I am crying buckets.

    Yup. SO.WEIRD.

  6. I post my blog updates on facebook, so I've been out, but you know what? I'm pretty sure my parents don't read it.

    PS I love how you talk to your sister.


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