Thursday, July 2, 2009

A houseful.

I have known my best friend D for almost 10 years now. I love her. She keeps me sane. She makes me laugh. She listens to me piss and moan, whine and complain, and she is the only person I am not blood related to or married to that has seen me cry. Last week, D moved back to my area, but she didn't exactly have a place to move to. (Long story, not so great relationship, had to make a sort-of quick getaway.) So, her family (who is my family, because we are related by love) is staying with me. That makes us, all of us, in total, a family of:

3 adults. A 13 year old. An 11 year old. A 4 year old. A 20-month old. Two 15-month olds. A 7-month old.

I have been running my ass off. Literally. There is nothing left except a crack.

It has been awesome.

I am exhausted.

But happy.


  1. Holy Crap! That's like the story of the lady who wanted a bigger house and her adviser told her to move all her animals into her house and she lived with them for a week or four and then when they moved out her house felt huge.

    Except that you'll feel like you have a huge house BUT be very sad that they're gone. And I'm sure they do stuff like the dishes and have conversations, unlike the cow who stomped on the dishes and just mooed. So this is a really terrible analogy.

    It's awesome to have friends bound like that. I'm so sorry about the circumstances. You sound like you are rising to the occasion. That's awesome too.

  2. No, it's a great analogy. Like the news story a few years ago about the guy who shot one of his cows, dragged it into his living room, and used it as a footstool, all the while cutting off meat on an as-needed basis. True story. Good analogy because: I like beef and stories about cows in houses. D likes beef and stories about cows in houses. You like beef and/or stories about cows in houses. See? You didn't even know how good you are with analogies.

  3. Friends are the family you choose. :)
    PS I'm stalking you. But at least I'm a considerate stalker because I warned you, right? Right!?

  4. I was just rereading my posts ('cause I'm cool like that- don't judge) and reread your comment while I was at it about fighting mice in our houses. I still LOL'd when you said PETA could could suck eggs if they thought you'd pass up the opportunity to whack a mouse. Bahahahaha! That is funny on so many counts, but I love that PETA people probably don't even eat eggs 'cause eventually what is inside that egg will have a face.

    If your curious, the post was a True Story Tuesday post from June 9th.

    Anyways, thanks for the laugh. AGAIN!

  5. Oh, and pertaining to this post. Gotta love a house full of people you actually like! I mean really, who can stand to have family live with them for an extended length of time?


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