Friday, July 31, 2009

Important Life Lessons

Right now I am in the sunny Okanagan Valley, British Columbia, Canada.

It is not "sunny" or "hot" here, it is sweltering. We drove down last Monday and it was 43 degrees Celsius (I can't remember the conversion to Fahrenheit, my American friends. Ask your local drug dealer. They understand the metric system.)

We are staying at my in-laws, whom I think of as my own family. Last night, my Hurricane was digging around in the cupboard in the motorhome where we are sleeping and found some stale marshmallows, which he shared with the Princess. Of course, he got busted and I took them away. This morning, I thought it would be a good idea to make Rice Krispie squares with the stale marshmallows, because they wouldn't be good for anything else.

I found out after the squares were made that the marshmallows weren't just a bit stale. They are four years old stale. I broke a wooden spoon stirring them while they were melting. I used marshmallows that were the same age as my kid. Even knowing this, I still tried to eat some. Epic Fail.

Important Life Lesson: You can't make Rice Krispie Squares with four year old marshmallows.


  1. I believe that is 109 degrees F. Yes, hellish hot!

  2. I will take that life-lesson and pocket it for future use.

    I wish I could say "that could never happen to me!", but I'm starting to becoming familiar with the way I tend to operate.


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