Thursday, August 6, 2009

Dear Okanagan Valley, I miss you. Love, Stone

We got back from Kelowna last Monday, just before the valley filled up with smoke. We all had a lovely trip and hit the beach every day. It was awesome letting Mama S (my step-mother in law) take care of us. True to form, I (aka SuperMom) made it through an entire week without taking a single picture of my darling children frollicking by the water. Yes, not even one picture. My little Princess is quite the water baby. She was wading through the water right up to her neck. Wouldn't even let me hold her hand until she got knocked over by a wave two or three times. Strangely enough, the Hurricane is afraid of water and refused to go in. I literally carried him in with me but he freaked out so bad that I brought him back to shore.

I quit smoking yesterday. With the aid of a nicotine patch, of course. I made it through the day, and it was only hard after the kids went to bed and I had nothing to do except watch TV and eat licorice. The patch is giving me vivid dreams (think wrestlers exercising to Jane Fonda while wearing neon orange and yellow wrestling gear) and I'm waking up a lot at night, but nothing I can't live with.


  1. I was totally going to check on you yesterday and then I forgot when my son decided to brake his ankle! I'm so sorry! I hope you're doing well and that today goes by so fast that you forgot to even think about cigarettes.

  2. Good job. One day at a time (there's got to be a way to say that without conjuring up images of Schneider)


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