Saturday, November 7, 2009

Conversations with a 4 Year Old

Sitting in Wendy's on Friday at lunchtime, my Hurricane was staring behind me; not saying anything, just staring...

Me: What are you staring at?

Hurricane: Is that wady a zombie? *points behind me*

Me: What? *looks behind, sees little old lady at a table by herself, eating a burger bigger than her head*

H: Is she a zombie?

Me: *desperately trying to hold in the fits of laughter* No honey, she's not a zombie, and quit staring.  Don't point, either. It's bad manners.

H: Why is her face painted like a zombie?

Me: *again, trying not to choke on french fries and laughter* Her face isn't painted like a zombie, honey, she's just pale.  That's just the color of her skin.


In the truck on the way home from the grocery store, where the Hurricane was a total shit and I was still seriously pissed about his bad behaviour:

H: Are you mad?

Me: Very.

H: Am I going to my room when I get home?

Me: Yup.

H: No I'm not. When we get home, I'm going to hide behind the shed.  silence for a minute.. You won't see me right?

Me: When we get home, you'd better run your little butt up to your room.  I will not put up with bad behaviour in the grocery store.

H: No, I'm going to run behind the garage. I'll sit down under the window and you won't see me.

This kid? Going places.


  1. So you saw me in Wendy's then? Tell him we prefer to be called "the undead".

  2. If she was that pale and the hamburger was really sloppy with ketchup running out and splattering and all, and looked bigger than her head, your kid might've righteously mistaken the incident for a zombie brain eating session. If it had been one, in fact, he would have ultimately SAVED YOUR LIFE! Consider that before banishing the little cooty to his room. ;)

  3. Keep this kid around. He has a way of looking at the world that can't be taught (and that is a bitch to be a mother too, but ...)

  4. SO going places. Those critical thinking skills are sailing right along.
    I agree with Jenn- you can't teach these things. But you can and will be equal parts annoyed and amused on a daily basis.

  5. I think if Hurricane and the Noodle ever got together they would win an award.

    I'm not sure for what, but definitely something.

    Mine told a lady she was old the other day. It was awesome. Except not.


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