Monday, November 23, 2009

Let them eat cake. Dinosaur cake and Rainbow cake.

So here are some shots of the cakes I made for the joint birthday party for the Little Dude and The Princess last weekend, which we held at Boston Pizza.  BTW, holding a party at a restaurant is a great idea: zero clean up, and they don't charge you for a "room."  If you're lucky like us, they will seat other patrons in a different section until the dinner rush starts.

Little Dude's Dinosaur:


And the Princess' rainbow cake:


(That's my arm moving reallysuperfast! in the picture and blurring it up.  Hey, I was in a hurry to get my piece, people. It's yummy rainbow cake. Don't judge; you would be blurry too.  This is the best picture I have right now of the inside of the cake.)

Neither of these cakes are my own ideas.  The dinosaur cake is from the Betty Crocker website.  The rainbow cake is from MckMama's website.

I had a blast making them, because although they look difficult, they are quite easy.  By that I mean you don't need specialized skills or pans or whatnot; just the patience and the time to make a zillion pounds of icing and piss around with cake batter to make sure your colors are bright and your batter is split equally.  I am fairly certain that our house is experiencing frost heave right now, because the back of my cake pans was significantly higher than the front of my cake pans.  (Think tsunami wave. In rainbow colors!)  Despite this, they turned out fairly well.  The rainbow cake looks more lopsided in the picture than it did in real life, mostly because the scrolling around the top edge was bright pink and distracted the eye.

Everyone thought the dinosaur cake was really cute.  Then I cut into the rainbow cake.  The chorus of Oooohhhs and Aaaahhhs when people saw the inside is the real reason I go nuts with birthday cakes.  The compliments from our birthday guests and some of the waitstaff at the restaurant made me feel so good. Not to mention our waitress taking pictures of it on her cell phone because she wanted to show her friends; how awesome is that? Totally awesome.


  1. Looks great and I bet they tasted pretty darn good too!

  2. You did FANTASTIC on these cakes! I usually make my kiddos cakes too, but the past couple of years I have not done it. It just seemed like to much of a challenge for me with all that life has thrown my way. Hopefully I'll find that joy again soon.

  3. Wow they are awesome. My baking skills are right up there with my cooking skills which are virtually non-existent!!!! May have to try the Rainbow cake though as it just looks so cool! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Those are ADORABLE! I used to make cakes like that until my kids turned into teens and now all they want is Grandmother's German Chocolate. I need a grandbaby.

  5. I love doing specialty cakes too! I wish the one I'd planned for DramaBoy had been possible, but he was happy enough.


    I may try that rainbow cake sometime.

  6. Holy crap that cake kicks ass! I want a rainbow cake for my thirtieth birthday? Is that bad?

  7. Can you come over and make me cake, please? THANK YOU.

    P.S. That wasn't a question.


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