Thursday, March 25, 2010


Hot Stuff is dropping the kids off at daycare today, so I am not presently rushing around gathering bags and sippy cups and setting out coats and boots for my kids to be helped into, half asleep, then rushed out to the car.  I have a few minutes of quiet.  It's really nice.

We put Little Dude into a booster seat at the table yesterday - no more highchair!  A small part of me is sad that he is moving away from the baby things, but a larger part of me is relieved.  Now if I could only convince him to start walking.  I am going to re-christen him Stubborn Like Goat if he doesn't fall in line. (His big brother is aka Listens Like Stick and his sister is aka..well.. Princess.)

The other day Little Dude was crawling around and the Princess accidentally stepped on his hand.  He started to cry, of course, so she knelt down to give him a hug (as much as it may appear that she has him in a headlock, it is a headlock of love), and squished his other hand under her knee.  She was puzzled as to why he cried harder when she "hugged" him.


So quiet. Why do I think I am forgetting something? Oh yeah, because I have forgotten what it is like to not have to fly out the door.


  1. Haha- those "I love you hugs" can be quite painful sometimes!

    Enjoy the quiet. Get enough for me too please.

  2. I know this feeling. But I wish I felt it more often. The quiet, the moments of sitting still, the trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing even there is so very much that needs doing.

    Now if I can just get me a Princess we could understand one another EVEN MORE. Imagine THAT?


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