Wednesday, April 22, 2009


So I am a huge fan of MckMama and have been avidly following her blog and Twitter for updates on Stellan and family. Thankfully, Stellan has made it through his heart surgery and appears to be a happy little dude today, judging by the pictures. It's funny what we become obsessed about, isn't it? I have told my husband and all my friends about these virtual (literally) strangers, and kept them updated. My husband now asks me, "Did you check on your 4th child today?"

One of the things I like most about MckMama is her spirituality. My views are not the same as hers, but I greatly respect how passionate she is about her faith. MckMama wrote a post at Easter about the only path to Heaven, which is to believe that Jesus died on the cross and rose again three days later. Doesn't matter what you do or don't do here on earth, or what kind of person you are, good or bad, as long as you believe that Jesus died and came back, you will get to heaven. My burning question is this:

What is the point of being good?

If you are an axe-murderer serial killer, and you believe in Christ, you still get into heaven? No problem?

You live a good, honest life and you don't believe in Christ, you go to hell or hang out in limbo?

Doesn't sound right to me.

I just cannot believe this. I can't even get my mind to try this on for size. It goes against everything I feel about the balance of the universe, which is this: what you do comes back to you. Good or bad, you reap what you sow.

This is so stuck in my brain that I have been thinking about it quite a bit lately. Our own natural world shows us balance; just look at what happens when we mess with the balance of nature - everything is adversely affected, including ecosystems, bugs, animals, etc. I also believe that there is balance in each human being and mankind as a whole, but we are just too close to see it.

I think I need to think some more about this. Sometimes I feel like I am walking a rocky uphill path with this spirituality stuff. Or that I am separated from what I want to know by a fog and as soon as the fog clears, I will know what the heck I want to know.


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