Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Best sister ever.

My husband and I are travelling from this frozen wasteland to San Diego, CA on Friday. We are not taking ANY kids!! I am so excited. We are leaving our brood with my sister for 5 quiet, sleep-in as late as you want, do whatever you want, no-diaper changing, no refereeing, no crying, no fighting, no yelling, blissful days. It will be awesome. Especially since I seem to have gotten a bit of a head cold, what with the stuffy and runny nose (yes, stuffy and runny at the same time. Fantastic, isn't it?) and funky colored stuff coming out of it, and given to two of my kids. Score. Thank goodness I have the best sister ever.

So yesterday I had a moment. The moment when I realized that we were travelling to another country!! in three days and I hadn't even dug out our passports. Then I had another moment when I realized it was month end for our small business, and I hadn't even started that, let alone gotten to the point of cutting paycheques. This moment of clarity lead to hours of rushing around in a semi-panic cleaning, gathering, finding, computer working, and basically running around in a circle yelling "Fire!"

Really, it's a good thing my sister knows me so well. She kept the kids safely out of my warpath, and managed to keep them busy enough for me to actually get something done. She really is the best sister ever.


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