Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Lookin Good & Feelin Fine

Well the lookin good part is this: I have had 3 kids in less than 4 years and my body looks like hell. Cankles? Check. Jiggly everything, especially jiggly butt? Check. Boobs heading south? Check. So far, I am down a pound for this week and I still have until Friday before I weigh in for the week. Score!! I think the biggest thing this week is not cheating on my meal plan every frickin day. We still have Easter chocolate in the house and, of course, it's on dirt cheap at the grocery store, so I inevitably load up with the rationalization of: "Hot Stuff will eat this. Pffft, I don't even want chocolate." What a LIE. Of course I'm going to eat the damn chocolate. I have an addiction to it. Who do I think I am kidding? Honestly.

The feelin fine part is even better: further to my last post about what the heck to do to about the sorry state of the world, I put some serious thought into what I thought would make the biggest difference and where I would get the biggest bang for my buck.

I signed up to sponsor a child through Plan Canada. (Formerly Foster Parents Plan.)

Specifically, I sponsored a girl, but everything else I left as "most needed" as in, age, country, region, etc. I chose to sponsor a girl because I believe that opportunities for education just don't exist for girls in third-world countries. Not to say that boys and young men aren't important. They most certainly are. My understanding, though, is that boys are always educated before girls. I believe that if you educate a young woman, you are educating every single one of her children, whom, in turn, will educate their children. I have absolutely nothing scientific to back that up. It is just what I believe.

Plan Canada has been around for a zillion years, they are Canadian, and I trust them. They state on the website that they pool money for the communities they pick, as opposed to spending one sponsorship on one child. I will get a picture and a story about one of the girls in the community, and I can even send her letters and gifts!! I am quite excited to find out my girl's story. I wonder how old she'll be. Or what her dreams are. Can't wait!

If you're interested, the website is: plancanada.ca


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