Monday, September 14, 2009

10 Quirky Things About My Husband

1. When he doesn't know the words to a song, he will either make up his own, or sing, "Peanut butter and jelly," repeatedly to the song's melody.

2. He is scared of mice. Up on a chair making a high-pitched whistling sound scared of mice.

3. Most of his pants are floods because he is quite tall and it's mostly legs.

4. He has some funky dance moves, including: the shopping cart, the salt-n-pepper shaker, the moonwalk, the 'i'm blocking punches' move, and my favorites: the sprinkler and thread-the-needle.

5. He appreciates fine bone china and fancy candles.

6. He refuses to watch Talladega Nights because he thinks they are making fun of NASCAR.

7. One of his eyeteeth is a bit recessed and he won't get it fixed because Jewel (the singer) has one just like it; he is convinced it is a sign they are destined to be together.

8. He loves Hawkin's Cheezies and gets huffy if there aren't any in the house.

9. Guaranteed, he will be sleeping on the couch by 8:30pm unless America's Got Talent is on. Conversation must wait until commercial breaks.

10. He will be very offended when he reads this because he will think I am making fun of him. Which I kind of am, but in that hey I love your quirks and want the world to know it kind of way. Also in the you called me unoriginal so I'm showing you how unoriginal I can be, jackass way, and of course the thanks for always hitting on my friends and my sister when they come over and this is why we can't have nice friends and now I'm getting you back for it way. (He's inappropriate like that.)

Is your signif other this weird, too?


  1. hehe my hubby has this really high pitched woman-like scream at the sight of a cockroach!!! You gotta love them though..Right???

  2. Yannow, I could overflow your inbox with stories about the quirks of my ex (including calling me home from work one day because there was a fricken sparrow in our front foyer), but I haven't got a complaint about Buddy - except perhaps for his ability to wring out a dollar for its last penny. Maybe in ten years I'll have more?

  3. OMG! I was going to tell you how much I loved a certain number- but every single one of them is GREAT! This post cracks me up!

  4. Love the thought of a big tough manly man on a chair doing the girlie scream. Made me snicker.

    My J listens to jam bands...REALLY LOUDLY...and dances around to them, in a goofy and silly way, although I think he's being serious and this is how he really dances. It's cute...and dorky.

  5. Has the inability to drink coffee without spilling on himself, yet seems to have a bizarre ability to wildly (and sometimes drunkenly) swing around a glass of red-wine without spilling a drop. A case of what's really valuable, I suppose

    (seriously. There is a conscious effort to not buy pants that are a lighter colour than coffee with cream)

    My fave is #10.

  6. Ha! Great husband's strangest quirk is his affinity for khaki cargo pants and shorts. He literally will not wear ANY other type of pants or short unless he is in a suit. No denim. Ever. Denim is evil to him for some reason. And, you know what - I would laugh my ass off if I ever saw him in a pair of jeans....I just can't picture it!

  7. The Sprinkler is my only dance move. OH! And I Mow The Lawn quite well too. I'm pretty awesome at that, I'll tell you.

    Your husband and I should have a dance contest. I bet I'd win.

  8. He has been telling the same lame jokes since I met him but for some reason they still make me laugh. I guess that makes me pretty lame too. Oh and he also says he only knows 2 songs one is Yankee Doodle Dandy the other one isn't...


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