Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Conversations With a 4 Year Old

"Mom, what are those?"


"What are bison?"

"They are like cows with big fur coats."

"What do bison do?"

"They taste good on hamburger buns."

"They taste good on hamburger buns with their fur coats?"

"No, honey, they don't wear fur coats on hamburger buns. Just the meat is on the hamburger buns."

"What do they have in them? Bones?"

"Bones, meat, guts."

"Do we eat the bones?"


"Where do they go? Do we throw them on the ground?"

"No, sweetie, when the butcher cuts up the bison, he takes the meat off the bones, but I don't know what he does with the bones after."

"What about the fur coats?"

"The butcher takes those off, too."

silence.. then..

"Mom, what do bison do?"

"They eat grass."

"They keep off your ass?"


  1. Man, I'm suddenly craving....tofu.

  2. Love it...never thought of bison as cows with coats...what if it was during the season where their coat is all thin and patchy? Do you call them cows with mange?...


  3. Hilarious. My 4 year old boy is edging closer to the 'where meat comes from' conversations every day, too.

  4. Um, Aunt Becky? I'm with you.
    Cows with fur coats. Butchers. Meat pulled from the bone. Bones mysteriously disposed of. Ew. All of it. Ew.

    So yeah, thanks for sharing. [snark snark snark]


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