Thursday, January 14, 2010

I am no longer a shiftless, jobless, energy sucking drag on society. For this week anyway.

Today was my first day back to work. In honor of my first day, yesterday I went out and bought myself some new tank tops to wear under my scrub tops (honestly, they gape open and everyone can see right down your shirt) and a new pair of shoes. The shoes are not sexy. They are white and they have that "balance ball" technology - and NO, I did not pay $115 for them. But hot damn, are they ever comfortable.

Going back to work was like.. like I never even left. I slipped right back into it.

It was: awesome.  It was: fun.  It was: everything I hoped it would be, and then some.

My legs. They are sore.

I go back tomorrow and I'm booked for all next week. After that? Hopefully I will have myself a shiny new part-time rotation on a surgical unit. If the rotation doesn't work for me, I will get on the casual list and start picking up shifts. Either way, it feels really, really good to be Mom, Wife, and Nurse.


  1. You go girl! Glad you're so happy with the job.

  2. I like this blog entry, found it on Foursons. When I'm driving home after work, music cranked, smokes in hand, thinking about what we'll have for dinner, I'm always smiling. I love my job. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE being at home a wee bit more, but just having such a great job makes in big difference in life over-all.

  3. Well thank goodness it was a smooth re-introduction. I'm so glad you were able to get right back on the horse. Hopefully it stays that way. KICK ASS!

  4. Oh goodie! I know you've been missing it for some time and maybe it will help with things. It's good to have your own thing. :)

    You should invest in some KEEN shoes. All the nurses love them (my mother tells me)

  5. YAY!! Hope things continue to improve!

  6. Ooh. I went back and did a shift last weekend after several months. My legs & feet were killing me, I peed once, had lunch about 9 hours into the shift AND forgot my computer password & had no access all day. Yeah, I love being a nurse.

  7. Does this mean people in public are going to start asking you to diagnose them again?

    Because I have this weird {chunk} on my back....

    it's burny.

  8. You ROCK. And, I hope never to need surgery again, but if I do, can I request you?


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