Sunday, January 17, 2010

In with the In Crowd

So I happen to be close, personal friends with some Big Deal On The Internet types. When you travel in such high society circles, doors open and things happen.  Things like scoring some swag.  Some really, really cool swag from some really, really amazing women. (You see how Big of a Deal they are? They have their own swag.) 

I highly recommend you go there. To (not "there" as in "my bedroom" even though that's where I took those pictures, but only because that's the only mirror in the house that's at the right level.) Go forth and be welcomed into a community that is smart, funny, understanding, and supportive.  For realz.

To Jen and Sarah, my kindred spirits: thank you for the shirt. I love it.

(Sorry I could not get a shot of the back; it took me 20 (yes, twenty) shots to get two good ones of the front!)


  1. Wow- I think these are the only pictures I ever seen of you!

  2. You are rocking out that t-shirt! Now I'm curious...What's on the back?

  3. LOL. I love your tag line on your header. That's totally my life in a nutshell... or a cookie bag ;)

  4. Oh I ADORE THIS! And thank you! And you kick some serious ass!

    I'm so happy the shirt made the trek safely. And I'm happy you like it. And thank you for the kind words. And for being you! And also? I have an upcoming video post for just happens to be of a little boy SCREAMING...and mama threatened to take him OUTSIDE. Oh yeah, baby. It totally works! THANK YOU!


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