Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kittens For Sale

2 Kittens available.

Older kitten is a 4 year old short hair with blue eyes. VERY rambunctious, requires a lot of space to run and play. Cannot be confined, refuses to be crated for bed. Wakes up very early in the morning and digs in cupboards. A steal for $1 bazillion OBO

Younger kitten is almost two years old, light colored long hair also with blue eyes. Loud, makes a lot of noise. Gets into everything. Clumsy as hell, but very entertaining. Price reduced to $1 kajillion OBO

Both kittens are extremely cute and very well behaved at other people's houses, but are hellacious at home. They eat a lot of kibble, so please do not call unless you have lots of money and can afford to feed them. Unlike other cats, these cats do not sleep (or even give the mama cat an hour's rest!) during the day.

Would like both to go to same home close by so mama cat can visit frequently.


  1. Those sound like the Best Kittens EVER. However I couldn't possibly separate them from you as you'd instantly have seller's remorse. Especially since they'd be so well behaved in my house (it just works that way).

    Also, I'm fairly certain there's be a request to take on a third shortly.

  2. I'm allergic to cats. And things that don't let me sleep in. Sorry. And I don't want to send your kittens to college as I imagine as smart as those kitties are, they're going to need some higher educating.

    I will however, sympathize with you whenever you want to complain about your kittens.

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