Thursday, January 28, 2010

Conversations with a 4 year old

At supper time:

Me: "Hurricane, sit down and finish eating, please!"

Hurricane: "I need to go wipe my butt some more."


Hurricane on the toilet:

"...10...11...12.. Hey Dad! Guess what? I got twelve inches!"


On the way home, in the truck:

Hurricane: "Mom, I hate girls."

Me: "Hon, you don't really hate girls, do you?"

Hurricane: "Yah I do. Well, not Moms.  Just girls and Bad Strangers."


  1. I think boys come out of the womb doing "boy" things.

  2. Is this why they start to avoid us when they get older? Because we know all of their embarrassing history?

  3. ewww. my kids measured their poops too. "mom! There's so much it's coming out of the water!"

  4. My daughter is always super excited when she makes a SNAKE!

  5. Sometimes I want to wipe my butt a little more, too.


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