Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bedbugs, Bath, & Beyond

I don't know what is going on.

Yesterday, I was bullied by a daddy long legs in my daughter's room. Right before I went to bed, I read a newspaper article that said bedbugs are coming back with a vengeance. There are two moths that live on the wall in my upstairs bathroom. While I was in bed, a third moth flew in my face.

Today, one of my facebook friends found a BLACK WIDDER spider in her pantry. Also, I was completely creepered out by booshy's story. My daughter brought me a beetle by carrying it in her hand.

I wrote a post about Creepy Crawlies awhile ago. Just to refresh: I don't like bugs. I am afraid of bugs. However, it is against my spiritual beliefs to kill living things unless they give me a good reason, and fear just isn't a good enough reason. The only exceptions to that rule are:
A) My kids, because they give me lots of good reasons, but I'm (probably) going to let them live,
B)Mosquitoes, which I kill because they are an annoyance (not technically a good reason, but whatever), and
C) Any creeper, crawler, or flier that actually touches me, because then my phobia overrides my belief system and killing it is more like a reflex than intentional violence.

I fear the karmic retribution of killing bugs; specifically, that a large army of bugs will march in formation up my bedspread while I am in bed one night. Is all of this some kind of ominous warning or foreshadowing of events to come?

I am starting to get freaked out here, Universe. Do you want me to have a nervous breakdown?


  1. Go buy some mosquito netting and surround yourself. And maybe this is all for threatening me to UNFOLLOW me!

  2. You have now totally freaked me out with the bed bugs. Cause there is NOTHING I CAN DO about them. They just show up all, "HI! I'm here to chew on your dead skin. Don't mind me."

    I'm going to soak the sheets in bleach and hot water now.


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