Sunday, May 17, 2009

Really, there is nothing I won't talk about..

I had a baby six months ago and yes, I know, it takes a while for a person's body to get back to normal after pushing a Watermelon out the ol' Garden Hose. Still, (here is the part where I piss and moan) is it really necessary to have a THREE WEEK LONG period? No, not necessary. Someone please tell my uterus that. I tried. Didn't work.

Me: "Hello, uterus?"

Uterus: "Yo."

Me: "Hi, yes, um, I was just wondering when you were going to knock off the sh*t?"

Uterus: "Je suis tres desole, mais je ne parle pas englais. Bon soir!"

I detected a note of falseness and a touch of sarcasm.

I am very sore today as I did work out yesterday, being back on BFL. I do feel much better being on a solid eating plan instead of eating willy-nilly whatever and whenever I want. I need routine. I flaked out today, because I was so sore from yesterday that I kept putting off my cardio until it was too late. In my defence, I was busy cleaning up sh*t. After the Princess got out of the tub, she took a poo on the dining room floor, walked back to the bathroom, had another poo there, which she then walked through, back to the first pile of poo in the dining room. Then she tried to wipe it off her feet. Fantastic. Back in the tub for another wash, and then jammies and a clean bum (aka diaper). While I was getting her diaper on, Hot Stuff was getting Mr. Mellow ready for his bath, and I happened to see that he sh*t up the back of his undershirt. Yes, all the way to his armpits. Fantastic. Managed to get him wiped down and into the tub, then it was time to get the Hurricane into the tub. The Hurricane has been sick with some kind of throat ailment yesterday and today, so he has been so well behaved, calm, and cuddly. Until bathtime. You'd think I asked him to chop an arm off. Finally got him tubbed and into jammies, and all kids went to bed. Then Mr. Mellow woke up half an hour later and needed the rest of his bedtime bottle to go back to sleep. Then the Hurricane was crying and needing mommy to give him medicine and lay with him to sleep. So that is what kept me away from the bike from 6:00 to 9:00. The other 10 hrs of today? I'm just plum f*cking lazy. I will make it up tomorrow.


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