Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Stupid and Painful

So last night before I went to bed, I decided to wax my mustache. No problem, I have the ready to use wax strips that you just rub between your hands to warm up, peel apart, place them over your top lip, rip off, and bingo bango, no more facial hair. All went well until I decided to see what it would be like to wax my legs. Box says, 'Can be used even on short hair!' so I said to myself, "Self, this is a good idea. It's a pretty small wax strip, so give it a shot."

Well, I warmed up the strip between my hands, peeled it apart, and placed it on my leg, pressing it into my skin in the direction of the hair growth. JUST like the box said to do. Pulled my skin taut and quickly removed the wax strip in opposite direction of hair. JUST like the box said to do. Except when I did it, and pulled off the wax strip, only the paper backing came off. I had a lovely square of hair wax on my leg. Quick thinker that I am, I grabbed the other wax strip and pressed it over the one on my leg, rubbed it vigorously to warm it up, and pulled. And was left with a paper backing in my hand and two layers of wax on my leg. Again with the brilliant ideas, I dug through my cupboard o' bathroom stuff and and found some muslin strips (used for leg waxing). Again with the pressing and rubbing, I applied the muslin strip over the wax layer and pulled. It didn't take off the wax, but now my double layer of wax had a nice furry muslin coating on it. After several attempts at chipping off the wax, pulling in every direction with the paper backings and muslin strips, rolling the wax, I managed to get some of it off. Mostly the wax just stuck on my leg. I went to bed like this: furry pink square of wax on the front of my calf, surrounded by throbbing angry red skin from all the pulling and such.

In case you're wondering, my leg is no longer red or throbbing. Still have most of the fuzzy pink square of wax, though. It's not so bad, only the parts that the muslin fell off of are sticking to my pants.


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