Thursday, May 28, 2009

Rough Night

I remember when I was young and stupid. Around the ages of 18 - 21..ish. A "rough night" involved lots of booze and several bars. Followed by either walking home through the worst neighborhood in Canada (because I had spent my bus fare on.. yes, one last pint), or crashing at a friend's house. There is nothing like waking up hung-over, stinking like booze, feeling like a small furry animal crawled in your mouth and died, on the smelly, crunchy couch of a friend who either stayed up later or woke up before you and has been taking pictures of your drunkass self.

Looking back now.. I did a lot of stupid things. What kind of moron would risk walking through Vancouver's Downtown Eastside in the wee hours of the morning? Me. Don't I know how DANGEROUS!!! that is, especially for a woman?? Yes. I cringe to think of my own daughter ever being that f*cking idiotic.

But I digress.

I had a "rough night" last night. Ten years later, my "rough nights" involve a sick baby who coughs himself awake when he is laying down. He woke up gassy and chesty a few hours after going to bed, and I couldn't get him to settle until after midnight. Wouldn't you know it, as I am shutting off my light, he starts coughing again. I ended up sleeping sitting up on a chaise with him on my chest because that is the only way he could sleep. He woke up every couple of hours coughing, poor little dude. He sounds like hell this morning, too.

Ten years ago, I would wake up dragging ass and laugh about the antics of the night before.

Today, I wake up dragging ass and dread sitting in the doctor's office or walk-in clinic so my little man can see a doctor.

Oh my, how things have changed!!

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  1. lol so true! And i agree- HATE the thought of my daughters doing what i did!


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