Saturday, May 23, 2009

Seriously Dragging Ass.

A five year old. A four year old. A two-almost-three year old. A year-and-a-half year old. A 6-month old. What the hell was I thinking? My sister in law dropped her 2 kids off here today for a playdate with my 3. I love my niece and nephew. I never get to see them, and I miss those kids. I was pumped to have them over here to play for a whole day. What the hell was I thinking? Oh. My. Lanta. I am so tired from chasing 4 kids around and trying to look after the baby I am not sure if I am really writing this post or just dreaming that I am writing this post. The kids were all very well behaved, except for the odd punching/shoving/name-calling/sand thrown in the eyes (a la World Wrestling Federation) incident.

We had a lovely little picnic in the yard followed by much playing followed by Paranoid Mom/Auntie dragging all the kids in the house after lunch because of the high UV index. At which time we made crafts. I use the term "made crafts" loosely because while the 5 year old nephew actually has an attention span bigger than that of a goldfish and can sit and color the template for a toilet paper roll dinosaur, the 4 year old Hurricane and the 2 year old niece don't. The Hurricane is more interested in scribbling on his template reallyreallysuperfast in order to be done so he can continue tearing the house apart and jumping on my couches. The 2 year old was happy to cover her whole template page in glue. Nothing on top of the glue; no foamy shapes or fuzzy balls or macaroni.. just glue. Yes, it is as fun to cut out the shapes on gluey paper as it sounds. She is not one to be limited to the four sides of a page, either.. nooooo.. glue is also fun to paint on your arms. And your clothes. And my kitchen table. Fun times, people. Can't wait until her mommy sees that. Yet one more thing to tsk tsk my bad parenting with.

Fortunately (for me and all the anklebiters), The Greatest Sister In All The Whole Wide World (aka my sister), was here for part of the day to help out. It was pretty fun, to see all four of the bigger kids playing together. Got some really great pictures, too. Pictures that will maybe one day be downloaded off the camera; one day when I am not contemplating forgoing dental care or contact lens removal in favor of falling into a coma on the couch.


  1. This was one of the first posts of yours that I skipped back to read (ahem, more like scan) and I picked an unfortunate one to only scan, because I'm all like "what the HELL??? Why can't I keep track of how many kids you have?"

    I may or may not have been drinking. It was a while ago. I can't be expected to keep track of how many times I sit at the end of an evening with everyone FINALLY in bed with a GIANT mofo glass of [something] trying to absorb the intersuperwebohighsphereway.

    I think I'm straight now. I mean on the number of kids. Y'know, actually reading it all the way through... (argh! dig up, stupid!)

  2. don't feel bad: i own these children and often have trouble keeping track of how many there are. or even where they are. usually i just listen for screaming. cause hey, if they're screaming, they're still breathing.


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